Going Digital

Managed PKI Client

A standard in cross platform, cross browser cryptographic API for any technical runtime to be used by any project that requires integration with PKI USB token, roaming key, soft keystore and mobile based PKI. Managed PKI Client has self-contained runtime, web services API allows any runtime regardless Java, DotNet, C, C++ or any other runtime under the sun that supports web services. It also provides auto update and up-to-date security patches in a single solution which will ease integration of PKI into any application.

Key Management System

Encompass authentication mechanism and certificate management with PKI transactions, authorising hosts to access services using SSL client authentication protected by network attached or embedded general purpose Hardware Security Module that protect cryptographic infrastructure by safeguarding the cryptographic keys, ensuring seamless approach and cost effectiveness of implementing Key Management Centre.


PDF Signing Module that allows document to be digitally signed to further provide integrity protection to the content by certifying the origin of the document. Web Services Call is the primary protocol communicate of Secure ePIN to provide integration with various platforms and development language. Services Input and Output accepts Template name, Property file, Password parameter for PIN generation. The service returns encrypted PIN and encrypted and/or digitally signed output file to the caller application. The PDF embedded PIN is in CAPTCHA and the PIN cannot be harvested by a machine even when the password to encrypt the output is compromised.


Offers a more efficient and effective approach in PIN distribution whilst enforcing out of band requirement in conventional PIN mailer. Caller calls web services of the secured ePIN service to obtain encrypted PDF password where the encrypted password can either be given by the caller application or generated by the service by connecting to the HSM. Secure PDF also allows the document to be digitally signed to provide integrity protection on the content to certify the origin of the document.


Computerised Maintenance & Management System (CMMS) is a software that can track, schedule and organize facility maintenance consisting of Road Asset Inventory, Work Order Distribution, Routine Maintenance Management, Emergency Maintenance Management, Contractor Management and Report Tracking. It is also a mobile enabled application tool to organize, schedule, and track the details of day-to-day facilities management.

Digital Time Stamping

Digital Timestamping is a digital signature with PKI, determining the fundamental trust of identity over the internet. Digital timestamping allows the time a particular data being certified by a third party. It is essential for digital data such as contracts, agreements and any other digital data which requires proof of existence. Digital timestamping generates a unique fingerprint of a particular set of binary data and date time information.

MonoCite Enterprise CA

A more business driven modules of Enterprise CA (Certificate Authority), minimal integration with application, remote online token management, Appliance Form Factor and Integrated Hardware Security Module.

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