Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and PGP for enterprises, API (Application Programming Interface) including Symmetic key cryptographic API for data encryption and file encryption/protection; API for integration by any language; utility for file decryption and API for Java & other interfaces.

Security Management for PKI and HSM solution architect and integrations interfaces, implementation, deployment, testing, commissioning and migration.

Scalable and extendable Key Management System via single, centralized and unified platform based on high-performance Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) technology that enables integration to third-party applications as well as Document Security, Security enhancement and Mobile Security.







Leverage the Value of Support and Maintenance
The pillar of delivering an end-to-end security solution is excellence in customer support.Our Support Centre leverages the value of customer support and services. Our support engagement offers a unique combination of experienced, dedicated and trained team of expertise tailored to specific needs and requirement, demonstrating our commitment, ensuring minimum time for issue resolutions, rapid response and proactive support. Benefits of receiving email, online, phone and on-site services to resolve issues quickly and proactively.



Collaborate with institutions of higher learning in research field for possibilities in post-quantum algorithm design, optimistic of breaking frontier of what it was and what it could be in anticipation of possibility of the complexity of quantum computing breakthrough in securing communication. Embarking Blockchain technology and application secured by new breed of cryptography and decentralized digital ownership.