Who We Are

Going Digital

Augmented Technology Sdn Bhd (AugTech) incorporated in 2012, is a 100% bumiputra-owned company and registered with the Ministry of Finance as ICT Contractor with Paid Up Capital of RM1,000,000. We deliver effective solution with over 50 employees, a wealth of technical expertise and project management developing superior IT systems and implementing integrated high performance data security system. Our Call Center operates 24×7.

Our credentials include Financial Institutions, Central Bank, Government, Institution of Higher Learning, private sector, GLC and public listed companies. AugTech frontier Go Digital, digitalization and digital transformation on government and business data digitalization. We have now embarked GOING DIGITAL in realization and recognition of eco-business evolution using Artificial Intelligent and Machine Learning platforms as well as Blockchain technology.

As an Information Systems Integrator, we believe in bridging between technology advancement with security needs, protecting data element of confidentiality, integrity, data availability and accessibility. AugTech is driven by the holistic approach of Public Key Interface (PKI) basic element of Cryptography with applications using PKI standards, standards relating to the implementation of PKI and management practices. AugTech has developed and managed Government PKI, Enterprise PKI and Managed PKI.

AugTech extensive Security Services includes Application Programming Interface (API) development on Symmetic and Asymmetric key cryptographic for data encryption and file encryption/protection; and integration by any platform. Our vast experiences in Security Management and Key Management scalability and extendibility via single, centralized and unified platform that based on high-performance industry grade Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Technology enabling integration to third-party applications and seamless integrates into existing IT eco-system and future expansion. AugTech renders augmentation of security on existing system such as mobile support portal security; provides database security and regulatory or standard requirements; and Digital Time Stamping.

AugTech also conducts regular seminars, workshops and trainings. As part of our services we deliver extensive Impact Studies and Feasibility Study Working Papers.

Our Research & Development collaborates with institution of higher learning on post-quantum algorithm for secured Quantum Computing as well as embarking Blockchain technology and application secured by new breed of cryptography and decentralized digital ownership. AugTech currently venturing in Internet of Things and Unified Building Application as part of our Smart City initiative.

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